About Us

The Alchemy Empire is a Melbourne based business specialising in natural and nature derived skincare, bath and body products.

We work closely with our own qualified cosmetic chemist around the clock to ensure our products are made to your needs.


The Alchemy Empire only use 100% Pure Essential Oils natural and nature derived ingredients that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly from creditable companies around Australia.


Introducing the Alchemist behind The Alchemy Empire, Sherrie.

“My goals is to help people look after their skin, while improving their self-esteem. As a teenager, I ruined my skin using tons of makeup daily, this caused my skins texture to become rough, clogged and severely dehydrated, this is how I thought I could gain the approval of others. Before I wore makeup, I didn’t have the attention a young girl needed in a place so unfamiliar, and it made me feel useless and unwelcome. As an adult now my skin needs a lot of time to repair and heal after the years of trauma.”

 Being a stay at home mother raising a son with a learning disability and one son on the spectrum, I am constantly putting my children’s development first. In doing so it is near impossible to contribute to my family's financial needs, which is why I started my small business and launched The Alchemy Empire, allowing me to be there for my children through their developmental needs. I proudly hold my Diploma in Personal Care Formulation along with my Certificate in advanced cosmetic science and in cosmetic labels and claims, to be able to bring fire to my passion along with ensuring that my customers receive the best products that are within Australian regulations, all while working from home and shaping my children’s minds to bring them some normality to their lives.

My business is not just for myself but for my family too.


Contact me today for more information, I would love to have a chat to you!
You can view my certifications via the link below.